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Publikationsserie: Values of Protected Landscapes and Seascapes

A series published by the Protected Landscapes Task Force of IUCN´s World Commission on Protected Areas.
Protected Landscapes are a strong option for the conservation of biodiversity in landscapes and seascapes that are significantly human-influenced and inhabited. They often contain threatened or endemic species of flora and fauna, as well as a great range of agrobiodiversity. Recognized as Category V in the protected area categorization system of the IUCN, their existence is based on the interactions of people and nature over time.
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Protected Landscapes and Agrobiodiversity Values
Edition: Thora Amend, Jessica Brown, Ashish Kothari, Adrian Phillips und Sue Stolton (2008)

PDF 144 Seiten (3,7 MB) englisch

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Protected Landscapes and Cultural and Spiritual Values
Edition: Josep-Maria Mallarch (2008)

PDF 190 Seiten (5,5 MB) englisch spanisch

Titelseite der Publikation

Protected Landscapes and Wild Biodiversity
Edition: Nigel Dudley and Sue Stolton (2012)

PDF 105 Seiten (4 MB) englisch

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